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Organica Halal Frozen Agro Food Pvt. Ltd.

ORGANICA HALAL FROZEN AGRO FOOD PVT. LTD. is a group of companies, headquartered in jaipur and most of its manufacturing facilities are located in and around jaipur Rajasthan. ORGANICA HALAL FROZEN AGRO FOOD PVT. LTD. is a diversified group primarily engaged in FMCG products including Organic Food (including pulses and spices), The group consisting of two associate firms, namely, ORGANICA HALAL FROZEN AGRO FOOD PVT. LTD (ORGANICA HALAL FROZEN AGRO FOOD PVT. LTD is a most modern Abattoir-cum-meat processing plant, registered vide Apeda Registration Number 225416 with a capacity to slaughter 1000 animals or to produce and pack 150 tons of assorted products of frozen boneless buffalo meat products per day. Please feel free to visit ORGANICA HALAL website –


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Meat Quality 98%
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Meat Quality 93%
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Tools Cleanliness 95%